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Oct. 29th, 2009

purpura and I have things starting to crop up in December (for instance, the 12th has a local event we should be at) and need to be able to start putting things on the calendar so we don't get double-booked (right, we'll still get double-booked, but at least we'll be able to manage it better!)

Have any good dates/times been proposed or do we need a calendar voting thingy again, and has anyone proposed or offered a location for the party?

-- Edit --

At the moment, the 13th at noon at sunatrya's home is on the table, any comments on that? Pro or con?

More Recipes


Recipes From the Party

Taking jennythe_reader's idea and putting the recipes up here.

Baked Macaroni and CheeseCollapse )

Deviled EggsCollapse )


A Suggestion:

Why doesn't everybody post the recipe for the food they brought to this year's party.

Here are 2 of mine, and I'll post the third this evening.

Ham Casserole
No-Bake Cookies


Cookie Exchange

I meant to post this a little bit earlier in the week, my apologies. I blame Boston!

But the count for the Cookie Exchange is 16! I am basing this off the wiki list so if there are any late person/cookie additions, comment here please!

The count will be 17 if you want to add cookies to Jake's Sandbox care package. The cookies for Jake need to be shipped at room temperature, just to keep that in mind.

Remember to make 2 each of every cookie for the exchange.

Special packaging for each cookie set is not required. At least not required in worlds that aren't mine. ;)

Yule Party 08

Hey everyone!

It's that time of year again. All the current yule party wiki sites and wish lists are listed in the profile, updated from last year.

The date and time for the party is December 13th in the late afternoon (I imagine we'll get more specific closer to the date). We'll be at Eric and Deb's place this year.

There are a few new people coming to the party this year, so I'll give a rundown of what's happened before.

We have a Secret Santa, in an effort so that we don't feel the need to get presents for everyone at the party and bankrupting ourselves. :) If anyone wants to be in that and hasn't already, email curlyeric to get into that pool.

We generally keep the price tag to something around 25/30 dollars. Something reasonable. If your finances can't equal that exactly, get creative. It's not about the money, we all know that. The price range is there as more of a guide line than anything.

This year we are also doing a cookie exchange. The way this works is that you make enough cookies for everyone in the exchange to receive 2 cookies each. Then we put them all out and take our cookies. You end up with quite a nice selection of holiday treats.

The current count for cookies is 9. If you'd like to be included in the cookie exchange, send me a note! Feel free to go in for more than one batch of cookies if you like, you can make as many different cookies as you'd like!

You may have heard mention of Martha Baskets. This started as a little baskets of treats or a tin of candy for everyone at the party in addition to the Secret Santa. We all want to get something for everyone and this developed out of that. A big present for the Secret Santa and a little something-something for everyone at the party.

This being me, I might (possibly) go overboard. I love this part and work all year on it, and I manage to keep the price down because of it. They got named Martha Baskets because it was determined i was being more insane than Martha Stewart.

Just because I am anal-retentive, please don't think you have to be! This is not a requirement of the party, but something fun that I and a few others like to do! If you'd like any other details, just ask. I even have photo evidence of them, from a couple years ago: my Martha Baskets!

The party has so far been a pretty successful pot luck. On the wiki site we have a list to see what people are bringing so that "we don’t end up with 5 pans of baked ziti and a bag of potato chips."

Many of us have bred! And this year, unless I am wrong, we'll have 4 children ages 4 and under. They're Beverly (2), Charlie (3), Lane (4) and Jasper

So far, most of this info is also on the wiki site, but I don't think there's any harm in repeating the information!


Yule draw - done

Ok, everyone should have the email by now. Please update the wiki so that people know what you might want!

If you did not get an email please let me know and I can resend the email ( even to another address ).

Yule Draw update


Happy turkey day everyone! The date for the party is Saturday December 29th between 2 and 6pm.

I think I have it all nailed down at this point. Please review below for accuracy. This is the list of people that are IN for the yule draw. If I have excluded you or the email address is wrong, please let me know.


Current rules are value of roundabouts $25.

I will do the drawing this evening so that people have their pick before the key shopping season starts. ( Oh, this post will self destruct this evening to protect email addresses )

It's done... if you did not get the email let me know.

Yule party / Yule draw

Based on the feedback so far I made an executive decision over the weekend so that we now have a date. I'm glad we were able to get as many schedules to overlap and I'm sorry to those who are not able to make it.

Saturday Dec 29th 2-6pm.

Now I'm getting together the Yule draw for this year. Out of the 12 people that responded for the date poll I have heard from most of you. So far I have not heard any complaints at setting the price at "roundabouts $25". As always you will not get your SO in the drawing. ( Jeff noted that it should probably be a value of roundabouts $25, so a $25 dollar item %75 off would count )

So people, If you are going to be at the party and wish to participate in the Yule draw, please email me directly with a yes or no so I can do the drawing in the next day or so. ( thanks to everyone who has replied so far ).

Even if you are not participating I encourage everyone to setup a page on the giftlist page. Even if it's just a link to your amazon wishlist so that everyone knows.

Is this thing on

I just looked at the survey, so far there is no one date that doesn't have a conflict.

If you want to be in the secret santa, reply here and I'll put the names in a hat (so to speak) and we'll go from there.

Of course other gifting is fine, as always.

Any thoughts, suggestions for the party?